Community cohesion and volunteers

I’ve not been too well over the past couple of weeks, and neither has Michelle or the kids, so I’ve been a bit slow on developing anything new and haven’t quite got through everything I wanted to in August.

One thing I did do that was very worthwhile was attend a master-class on community cohesion and conflict resolution by Raj Bahri, an expert in this area and forum theatre. It was quite inspiring and I learnt two great new techniques for conflict analysis, one is through the creation of a time line along one axis and the escalation of conflict along the other, i.e. pre-conflict, confrontation, crisi, outcomes and post-conflict. The second method is called mapping, taken from Responding to Conflict. I practised this with a past community conflict that I was involved in and it was very insightful. I also think it would be a really usefull tool for community profiling within my youth work courses, possibly within enterprise as well.

I was also asked the question on this workshop, “Do I consider myself an agent for change?”. My initial response was “No” as it seems to place the onus for change on me, rather than the people that I am working with to facilitate growth and development, and well…change. But after a lively discussion I was forced to re-think this, although I still haven’t come to any conclusions, and I’m not sure how important this self-perception is anyway in what I do.

Another interesting Treetop development is that I have been contacted by an 18 year old that was very involved in pupil voice in his school. He is keen to maybe do some volunteering for me, possibly on the website development. It seems to make sense to have a young person directly involved in the growth of the organisation and so am arranging a skype meeting to discuss it further.


2 thoughts on “Community cohesion and volunteers

  1. I am interested in going on similar training. I have always found RTC resources useful and would really like to have access to more. Where did you get the community cohesion and conflict resolution training?

    • Hi Bob,

      LEAP Confronting Conflict,, are the leading organisation in conflict resolution and management (also the Charity of the Year 2009). They provide a wide range of training for all different levels.

      The community cohesion course I attended was a one off master practitioner course, but keep checking their site for other master classes coming up.

      Hope that’s of use.

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