Good news on City Challenge work

Just received 3 bits of good news for me and Treetop, all related to the DCSF City Challenge gifted and talented project.

Firstly they have invited me to come in to do some programme development work.  I’d previously been involved in the pilots for the programmes and delivery of the course, but to be asked to contribute to the review and future development shows that they have faith in me, my ideas and abilities, it could also possibly lead to some further long-term work.

Secondly I’ve found out that my Associate Consultancy rate with them has gone up considerably, and just when I was on the brink of looking to replace this work with something new as the rate they were willing to pay wasn’t enough for the number of days I was being offered.

And thirdly the organisation that was administering the project, and had caused lots of bureaucratic nightmare for me, the clients, the venues and the schools have had their contract terminated, CfBT will now be administering the project themselves in partnership with Crelos.

So good news all round on this piece of work.


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