Lots of potential

Well after a couple of busy weeks with Tsu’Chu Biz in Bedford and two great four day courses completed I now have a week to get my head down focusing on expanding my work a bit.

I got some great news from FPM who have invited me to go to their Leicester offices to meet them to talk about the possibility of becoming involved in the Fire and Rescue Service programme, training managers to deliver to young people.  I’ve also been in touch with NCB about their national training programme for Children in Care Councils, which is an area I definitely would like to become more involved in.

Finally I’ve been talking to a the children’s participation worker at Worcestershire County Council about whether there are enough people let down by the cancelled School Councils UK courses that would be interested in a school councils Training the Trainers course put on by myself and other qualified trainers.  I’ve sent a feeler e-mail out to as many of those booked on to the cancelled September course as I’ve been able to get contact details for.

So i’m currently feeling quite positive about all the potential new avenues opening up for Treetop.  I’m also looking forward to October which will largely be focused on my the City Challenge work, as well as a jaunt to Bradford to facilitate a 2 day conflict resolution course for year 10 students, with LEAP.


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