Type Dynamics Indicator

I took a type at work dynamics indicator for a client, and apparently i’m a Trouble-Shooter. Not sure about this, it all seems a bit to clean-cut and black and white for my liking, (but I guess a trouble-shooter would say that). I need to re-read it and give it some thought.  But here’s the summary of my 9 page report anyway.

You have indicated a preference for the Trouble-Shooter style.

This style is particularly sociable, confident and pragmatic. For them there is no theory without action and no idea without implementation.

Full of energy, they often do less well in the confines of the classroom than in the cut-and-thrust of life.

Trouble-Shooters combine action with realism. They want to make things happen and come across as energetic, spontaneous and restless.

They work best when they can try things out and get quick, immediate results. By keeping their antennae tuned to the outside world, they cut to the chase and build a reputation for being quick, tactical and streetwise. Slow and careful is not their hallmark!


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