What is an educated 19 year old?

@Futurelabedu recently posted this question on Twitter.  Well a good starting point would be the QCDA definition of a well-educated young person.  Which is:

  • An independent learner and decision-maker
  • Has good relationships with adults and peers
  • Is literate and a good communicator
  • Uses numbers and ICT effectively
  • Is adventurous and willing to try new things
  • Cooperates as part of a team
  • Is adaptable
  • Has a sense of responsibility and discipline
  • Is morally and spiritually aware
  • Is able to operate as part of a team
  • Is prepared for the challenges of society
  • Has a sense of well-being and can lead a safe fulfilling life

Well, that’s quite a lot packed in there, and with precious little reference to academic ability and achievement.  I’d be very interested to hear from others, especially educators, trainers and policy makers, whether they think this is a good target for the education system, and what they think may be lacking or over-emphasised.

Image courtesy of QCDA, http://www.qcda.gov.uk


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