The aims of education

With all the election debate around the purpose of education, I think it’s worth re-looking at the Qualifications, Curriculum and Development Authorities guide to what the ideal 19 year old finishing their education career looks like.

– An independent learner and decision-maker
– Has good relationships with adults and peers
– Is literate and a good communicator
– Uses numbers and ICT effectively
– Is adventurous and willing to try new things
– Cooperates as part of a team
– Is adaptable
– Has a sense of responsibility and discipline
– Is morally and spiritually aware
– Is able to operate as part of a team
– Is prepared for the challenges of society
– Is tolerant and challenges stereo-types
– Has a sense of well-being and can lead a safe fulfilling life

Pretty rounded, but no mention of their level of knowledge or expertise, academic achievement or ambition and motivation.

Do you feel that this is accurate representation of the aims of education, what is unnecessary and what is missing?


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