D(r)aft idea for a new game – LinkedIn Live

I just created a game called ‘LinkedIn Live’ in response to a question on a LinkedIn group. It was off the top of my head, so would definitely need refining, but I’d be keen to get some opinions on it.

It would be great to replicate the experience of LinkedIn in real life through a game. LinkedIn is all about networking (initially) and then sharing information, ideas and experience (subsequently).

It depends how many people will be there, but if the group is large enough it would be possible to develop an exercise with a group whereby the first stage is to meet and swap some simple information with each other, and then secondly discover what deeper knowledge and experience people in the group have to share, and then finally form into common interest groups.

This is off the top of my head, but, if everyone has numerous pieces of paper, with their name and job title on, plus one brief line about what they do (or business cards), the task is for individuals to meet and swap as many of these slips of paper from everyone in the room, but only from those that they think may be relevant to them and their work. People will need to introduce themselves and ask and answer questions to determine whether they want to ‘connect’ (or swap), it may be a good idea to place a maximum on the number of people they can connect with at this point, so that they may need to ignore a connection proposal (as in LinkedIn).

Secondly they must prioritise their new connections and decide who they would like to talk to further, they must then aim to re-connect with these identified people (I’d say at least 3) and learn a new piece of knowledge or information from them, which they must write down for themselves. This may be more complicated than you think, for example, I may want to talk to you, but you may want to talk to others instead (the truth is you won’t be able to connect and form a relationship with everyone you want to).

They must then attempt to form small groups with common interests, of which they would have discovered during the exercise, give them 3 to 5 minutes to do this. They must name their new group, write it up on the board and list the members. They can then go and form another common interest group, again name it and write on a board the name and the members. If there is time they can form a 3rd and 4th group. Individuals can then also choose to add their name to groups they think may be interesting or useful to them.

Reflect on how networked (or ‘linked in’) they feel and ask for each person to identify the connection or group that they think may be most useful for them and why.  And there you have it, ‘LinkedIn Live’.

As I said that was just off the top of my head, so it may need some refining. Your opinions and suggestions are very welcome.


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