Treetop’s Latest

This page shows what Treetop Training and Matt are involved in at the moment, as well as latest news and events, it will be updated regularly.


From January 2013 we are looking forward to working closely with the amazing Online Youth Outreach and their sister company Digital Engagement, providing youth organisations and education establishments with social media skills, processes and strategies to connect and engage students and young people, decision makers, community members and stakeholders in a world gone digital.

Online Youth Outreach’s philosophy and training is built upon a humanistic approach to drive audience engagement while being underpinned by safe online professional practice.


London-Youth_logoWe continue to work very closely with London Youth providing a range of training services for the youth sector, from one and two day interventions such an Introduction to Youth Work, managing challenging behaviour, effective communication skills and conflict resolution, to accredited extended courses, including the ABC accredited Level 2 Certificate and Level 3 Award in Youth Work Practice

Early in 2013 we will be beginning the delivery of a Level 3 Award in Youth Work Practice for the third year in a row, you can find out more about the course and how to apply to participate on the London Youth’s training pages.  Later in the year we will be working with them to develop and deliver their new Level 1 Award, focusing on basic youth work skills and conflict resolution, funded by Esmee Fairbairn.


rsa fellowship logo

Matt is leading on the development of an innovative RSA Fellows-led initiative to create the opportunity for young people to access and benefit from the existing social capital held amongst professional networks, adult professionals, and other young people.

Some people are social capital rich – experienced professionals and industry networks
Some people are social capital poor – young people, especially those from areas of financial deprivation
The RSA Fellows Youth Network initiative (a better name is still needed) aims to create structures and opportunities to bring these two groups together to benefit from social capital sharing, expertise, guidance, advice, collaboration and network linking.  Creating a space (both virtual and live) for 1000’s of young people throughout the UK to benefit from access to the type of social capital that leads to empowerment, self-determinism and the creation of personal and professional opportunities.

You can find out more about the project and get involved by visiting the online forum, and reading the blog post, The Missing Link in Youth Empowerment.


GSA logo final

The Gifted Students Academy work is continuing and we have now partnered with over 50 schools throughout the UK, supporting their differentiated learning agenda, meeting the non-academic needs of their gifted students, with a particular focus on those that are underachieving and on Free School Meals.

Last year we delivered two extended support programmes, working on numerous occasions with the students, supporting the teachers, delivering INSETs and providing ongoing guidance and advice, impacting on the entire school community.  The full evaluation of this work that we carried out in Radclyffe School in Oldham is now available.


Logo final

The Game Trainers, an initiative founded by Treetop Training and Education, are leading experts in the use of games and game mechanics for learning, engagement, and professional development.

They design and deliver innovative services, training and events to get customers, audiences and teams engaged in and enjoying what you do. Play should not be separate from work – in fact, it is integral to it.

They use games and play to:

  • make what you do everyday more fun and motivating
  • engage new and current customers with your products and services
  • create events that get participants truly involved
  • deliver training that explores and develops team and group dynamic


MADE TrainingWe’ve recently been working with MADE Training delivering their inspirational 2 hour courses in schools and with their sponsor organisations such as UBS.

These short courses challenge GCSE students to define their academic and personal goals and to take the steps to achieve them, as well as working with those ‘Stepping Up’ from GCSE’s to A Levels to develop the advanced thinking and time management skills that they’ll need to succeed  in post-16 education.


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